Beginner Readers

To see easy progress with reading for your child, be sure to build the right foundation.

The most important thing you can do for your early reader is to teach them about the building blocks of our language: the sounds in each word. Not the letters first? That’s right. Research has shown that children learn to read faster in school when these phonemic building blocks are already in place.

Focus on teaching your 3-5 year old the sounds, or phonics, in our language through verbal games. You can ask your child what sound a certain word starts or ends with. Or play “I spy with my little eye something beginning with shh…” when you see a sheep. Check out our free resources page for verbal phonics games downloads, workbooks and more.

Getting the Quickest Results

If you have an advanced 4-5 year-old and want to get the quickest results, feel free to test the first ten days of our Easyread System. Those first ten lessons are free and the system will definitely get the quickest and easiest results if that is what you want to invest in.

Coming soon — our free beginner app!

Bookmark this page, and join our mailing list below, because coming soon to an app store near you is our FREE learn-to-read app! Sign up for our newsletter for pre-release news!

The new app will have the same content that is in the free trial of the Easyread System, but delivered in a mobile environment that is easier for young children. So whereas you need to be quite advanced to succeed on Easyread, the new Peasyread App will be designed to work well for all children.

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