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Easyread is the only visual phonics course with guaranteed improvement and support from a reading specialist — and a free trial!

Easyread is an online intervention for struggling readers who are guessing, skipping words, or falling behind their peers. You can try the first 10 lessons with no commitment or cost of any sort. We don’t even take any payment details. If you have a beginner reader, we recommend starting with the free resources on this site first.

The first 10 lessons include a consultation with a reading specialist who will give you advice about your child (at no cost), a games-based introduction to the trainertext characters, and even some spy-themed prizes for your learner.

We also offer an unconditional guarantee of improvement in 90 lessons, if you choose to continue with the full subscription… or your money back.

Setting up your free trial account

Please click the appropriate link below to set up your free account and start Lesson 1!





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Privacy and Security

There is no catch – the first 10 lessons are completely free, to give you a chance to decide whether Easyread is a good match for you, and you are a good match for us. We will never share your details in any way. All our income is derived from the subscriptions people choose to pay if upgrading from the free trial, and we take your privacy and data security very seriously.

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