Trainertext Visual Phonics (TVP)

Trainertext visual phonics is the best way to teach a child to read –because it teaches reading the way the brain likes to learn.

Throughout the history of our educational systems, 1 in 5 children leave school failing a basic literacy test. This has devastating effects on the rest of their lives. You can read more about these shocking figures here.

Unlike other methods, Trainertext visual phonics gets to the root of the way the brain wants to learn. It is visual (hooks in the memory), fun (grabs focus and attention), and skills-based (mimics the way the proficient reading brain reads = no phonics rules!). 


Trainertext visual phonics harnesses the brain’s natural visual strengths to make reading practice feel so much easier. It is ideal for visual learners (dyslexics included!) Our phonetic visual cues are like training wheels on a bike, to help the brain learn to pick the correct sound, even in irregular words.

TVP images each represent a sound in the English language. For example, the Toad About to Explode represents the /t/ sound both in ‘tail’ and ‘flipped’ (listen for the /t/ sound at the end). Here is an example of three similar words with very different sounds in them:

Do you see how the images above the letters A and S change? That is because the sound that they represent changes too. That’s English for you! The “rules” do not work.

The TVP images are like a sound spelling of the word to help when learners get stumped. While they practice decoding correctly, their subconscious memory system is sucking it all up and mapping the letter patterns and sounds in different words. Usually 2-3 months of short daily practice is all it takes to see decoding dropping into place. Then you can transition over to building fluency and confidence, once the decoding skills are solid.


The funky little phonetic images (and their cheeky rhymes) are irresistible to children. They tickle the funny bone, and we recommend that each TVP reading session you deliver with your child has a mix of book reading and games. Read more in our TVP Manual. Boredom is the death of learning… and you won’t find it in TVP. No reading battles allowed.


Reading is a subconscious skill, like walking, talking and riding a bike. So that’s the way we teach it. TVP does not use any of those unreliable phonics rules, which actually fail up to 50% of the time.

Instead, each lesson is about practice sounding out words correctly, with the help of the images if needed. Then over time, those training wheels can be removed and the brain has learned the skills.

No sight words allowed. No magic E. Skills-based, implicit learning only.


TVP has been proven over the past 10 years of helping struggling readers with the online Easyread intervention, in addition to an independent academic trial where strugglers gained an average of 2 years in reading age in under 6 months of lessons. And now TVP is available to all, for free.

You will find lots of free resources here and also links to the Easyread guided system over at our sister site dedicated to helping children with reading difficulties, David Morgan Education.

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Research Results

Strugglers gained an average of 2 years in reading age in an academic trial…

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