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Games for Learning Trainertext Visual Phonics

*These games are all designed for desktop/laptop use only*

Our popular Super Search (character-mode) helps children learn the trainertext character by spotting it in a crowd. 

Character Paintball gives your child target practice while learning the trainertext characters!

Our Trainertext Creator allows you to type in words, and get the trainertext visual phonics characters encoding. You can then press ctrl+P to print! Great for single words or spelling lists from school.

Our Secret Message Writer gives kids great practice forming words just using the characters – no letters allowed! Perfect for learning the image set, and working on decoding/blending.

Games for Decoding/Blending Practice

Our Nonsense Word Reader is perfect for those kids with a guessing habit! Helps refine decoding skills and its good for a laugh too!

Super Search (sounds-mode) is perfect for developing auditory processing and blending strength, as children have to find an object that starts with a given sound.

Another great one for eliminating guessing, Spotter asks you to match an image to a word… with lots of decoys in the mix!

Games for Eye-Tracking Development

Mole Whacker is super fun, and also beneficial for eye-tracking (a crucial element of reading development).

Free trial of the Easyread visual phonics intervention (a TVP course for struggling readers)

We offer a free 10-lesson trial of the Easyread visual phonics course for struggling readers ages 6+. That includes TVP games, a baseline assessment pinpointing the causes of difficulty, support from a reading specialist, and spy-themed prizes for your learner!

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